Have you had a traumatic experience in life that keeps repeating in your mind over and over like a broken record?
Is it hard to get the scene out of your mind? Like when you try to fall asleep at night, the image runs through your head like a motion picture but it will not turn off?
Maybe you know someone like this.
Recurring unwanted flashbacks and thoughts are symptoms of PTS. They are reinforced even more by talking about it.
At Edge Neuro Fitness we help people to break these unwanted patterns and establish healthy thinking and communication. We can show you how positive vs. negative talking and thinking actually affect the way your brain works!
Neurofeedback can give your brain the information it needs to create new patterns, restore peace of mind, and even get back to sleep at night.
We help people find joy again…

For more information on PTSD Symptoms visit https://www.edgeneurofitness.com/ptsd-symptoms/