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Edge Neuro Fitness has technology to map out your brain function with qEEG or Quantitative EEG.

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Has anybody ever told you,


Have you or a loved one had a head injury?

Having trouble with anxiety, moods, thoughts, memory or having a hard time just paying attention?

These conditions all have their roots in brain function!

But how would you know if you don’t look?

  • Some people throw chemicals at the brain.
  • Some go to counselors and therapists to get a load off their minds.
  • Some go to coaches and trainers to push them around…

But we can show you what your brain is DOING!


Post left hemisphere stroke

Post left hemisphere stroke

Same brain after only 12 sessions of NFB

Same brain after only 12 sessions of NFB

We, at Edge Neuro Fitness have the technology to map out your brain function with qEEG or Quantitative EEG. We can actually hook you up to our computer and collect data…not read your mind, but actually measure the amount, types, frequencies, and communication of the brain waves, or electrical activity in your head that are likely to be correlating with what’s going on with you mentally, physically, and/or emotionally.

This is known as BRAIN MAPPING.

It is an incredibly simple, painless process without side effects. A cap fitted with sensors is placed on your head and connected to our computer with highly specialized software.

Once we have the brain mapping information, a specific Neurofeedback training protocol is developed based on the outcome of this non-invasive process.

See your brain in 3D

We can show you pictures like this and even let you see your brain in 3D live action.

Your personal QEEG assessment will produce a picture, or brain map of your brain’s electrical activity, or brainwaves.


We do a complete, full head, 19-channel assessment for the most accurate and technologically advanced QEEG available!


And when you can see what your brain is doing, live, in real time on the screen, our EEG Biofeedback training equipment can help your brain navigate its way to self-regulation just by sitting in a comfy chair and watching your brain, playing a special video game, or enjoying a movie!

It looks like this:

QEEG brain mapping looks like this

 “We hook you up and let your BRAIN work it out!”

That’s right, during each session, we can look at up to 19 places, or channels, on your brain and obtain data “on the fly” to see how your brain wave activity is changing, in 3D!

This is a new, state of the art technology also known as sLORETA Neurofeedback. And it’s not just about your brainwaves…

Many lifestyle factors contribute to brain health and fitness.

We, at Edge Neuro Fitness are a TEAM of health care PROFESSIONALS with a wide variety of experience and resources to create for you a custom wellness program to support a healthy brain.

Whether a young, developing brain, an injured brain, or for someone interested in slowing down the aging process, we have a program for you.

By the way, the rest of your body usually gets in shape, too!

qeeg3 qeeg4

“How would you like to FEEL better, THINK better, SLEEP better, WORK, LEARN, REMEMBER and even PERFORM better?”



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