Rebecca Bassham, PresidentBecky Bassham has been in the field of health and wellness for over 25 years in various projects including employee health and facilitating lifestyle change programs.

Head Personal Brain Fitness Trainer

Malibu, CA — (928) 486-5414,


Rebecca Bassham is a neurofeedback (qEEG) consultant and personal brain fitness trainer who has helped thousands of patients and practitioners improve their lives by taking a cerebral approach to wellness.

Rebecca’s passion for healthy living and educating others about brain healthy living has spanned 25 years and aired on the radio airwaves, TV, internet and published in numerous print and online media. She travels the globe teaching and leading people how to become brain healthy, just like she did.

In 2010, Rebecca discovered the power of neurofeedback on her own family crises, and decided to dedicate the rest of her career to studying the healing effects from retraining the brain with qEEG (or neurofeedback). Today, Rebecca is double board certified as Neurofeedback Practitioner (BCN) and Quantitative EEG technologist (QEET-T), and licensed Radiologic Technologist (ARRT).

Rebecca also helps professional athletes recover from addictions and traumatic brain injury (TBI) using neurofeedback. She facilitates groups with life and wellness coaching to include brain fitness strategies, nutrition, exercise, goal setting, mindfulness, stress management, and time management for a holistic, alternative approach to improve cognitive function. She also offers an equine experience program.

With Rebecca’s own 360-degree brain health approach, she helps doctors, chiropractors and others in the industry learn how to add the neurofeedback modality to their own practice. Her service provides instruction for qEEG Brain Mapping and 3D sLORETA Imaging, along with training on how to apply EEG Biofeedback. Rebecca combines nutrition, exercise, goal setting, mindfulness, stress management and time management for a holistic, alternative approach to improve cognitive function.


  • Neurofeedback Practitioner (BCN), Board CertifiedNeurofeedback Becky Bassham
  • Quantitative EEG Technologist (QEET-T), Board Certified
  • International Society for Neurofeedback and Research, Member
  • Western Association of Biofeedback and Neuroscience, Member
  • Certified Equine Assisted Learning, OK Corral
  • Radiologic Technologist (ARRT), Licensed
  • Special Imaging (CT, MRI) Fellowship, Loma Linda University
  • Exercise Science, Bachelor of Science, Minor: Health Promotions, California State University


  • Guest, Authentic Health, “Brain Health and Neurofeedback” podcast
  • Host, Kitchen Nutrition–Healthy TV Series
  • Author, Nutrition for Your Soul (Organic cookbook)

Other Curricula:

  • New Mind Academy
  • Brain Science International
  • EEG Institute
  • Didactic training in Quantitative EEG and
  • Z-Score Training
  • sLORETA Neurofeedback at Stress Therapy Solutions
  • Mentors under a distinguished list of professionals including Sue and Siegfried Othmer, Dr. Victoria Ibric, Chuck Davis, Dr. Tom Collura, Dr. Richard, Powell, Tom Brownback, Jay Gunkelman, and John Demos.

Rebecca is also currently the Director of QEEG and Neurofeedback at Pure Recovery California in Oxnard, California

Twitter: @edgeneuro

Facebook: becky.bassham.1

LinkedIn: BeckyBassham

Office Address:

22917 Pacific Coast Hwy
Suite 230
Malibu CA 90265
United States