We have been working on positive thoughts and imagery to relieve anxiety, stress, and prepare for upcoming events. It’s no secret that thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions. Thoughts and imagery can even bring forth physical manifestations. Check out this reply that came in from my friend Jack Miller, a Certified Traditional Naturopath. http://www.naturalhealthsciencesofarizona.com/

“Very good info Becky. The opposite is true also. A non-recovering chronically ill person came to see me who perpetually lives in unhappy places. It doesn’t even seem that the things this person and some others have gone through are horribly bad but they can recount those bad events in detail, which they do frequently. They live in a place of bad mental imagery and feel sorry for themselves that they had to go through something bad. Bad things are a part of life. I had some pretty rough things happen to me in my life. I won’t get into that but the point is that I moved on and choose to focus on good things and a positive future. A few of these patients work on themselves constantly with emotional release therapies but they have been doing so for years and to me it becomes just an excuse to recall bad events over and over. There seems to be a need to do so. I need to learn more about what you do because I may want to send you some people. Do you ever do these sessions in LHC?”
Above is an example of someone who ruminates on negative outcomes to the point of physical disease. PTSD is an example of flashing back to traumatic events. Once again, this has its roots in the brain. One of the first things I do with my clients through EEG Biofeedback AKA 
neurofeedback is to help them calm down mentally…this offers tremendous relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia and eventually leads to improved focus and attention.
Did you know you can train your brain to calm, reduce perception of pain, sleep better, and focus? Really! That’s good news!

Like Jack, do you want to learn more?
Here’s some good news… I’m offering a FREE consultation! That’s right, you can call, schedule an appointment or even Skype and we can determine how neurofeedback can help you or a loved one. There’s also a bushel of information on my websitewww.edgeneurofitness.com so you can get answers now.
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Think healthy, eat healthy, and stay well!