Mel Gibson
Stress 1, Mel 0!

Stress won! OMG, do you think Mel lost it or what? Judging by the above video footage (click on link) it appears so…
Here’s an example of what can happen when stress is allowed to build up…it was the last straw for him.
Have you ever blown your top? I have! It’s been a while though, because I paid attention to my body’s cues that stress was getting to dangerously high levels (just go have lab work done!) I think Mel skipped this part. Have you?
Besides predisposing us to inappropriate behavioral outbursts such as the latest by MG, stress predisposes us to many health issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, and even speeds the progression of HIV/AIDS. Exactly how stress causes and contributes to disease is a question of particular interest to researchers.
There are two likely pathways:
One is behavioral — people under stress sleep poorly and are less likely to exercise; they adopt poor eating habits, smoke more and don’t comply with medical treatment.
Stress also triggers a response by the body’s endocrine systems, which release hormones that influence multiple other biological systems, including the immune system. Effects of stress on regulation of immune and inflammatory processes have the potential to influence depression, infectious, autoimmune, and coronary artery disease, and at least some (e.g., viral) cancers.
This video (link below) demonstrates how quickly, even at a young age, a person can become stressed. This also speaks to attachment issues.  
Stress increases your risk of developing disease but does not mean that just because you are exposed to stressful events you are going to get sick. I’m just pointing out that it behooves us to manage stress before it manages us!
So what’s the take home here?
  • Take care of yourself
  • Manage your stress to prevent illness and/or raging, embarrassing outbursts of emotion!
  • Consider the effects of stress on interpersonal relationships
My gift to you today is a list of 101 Ways To Reduce Stress
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