It was so sad last week to hear the news of Junior Seau, former San Diego Chargers football player. Here’s someone who could have benefited from some positive imagery and brain training as we have been exploring. 
Did you know that he is one of three former NFL players who committed suicide since February, 2011? 
It all starts in the brain… 
Experts connect depression to traumatic brain injury and concussions. The latest report is Seau’s family is donating his brain to be studied by scientists.
Well how many people have had concussions? 
That would be ME after years of flying head first off horses and motorcycles! Trust me, it is no “accident” I “landed” on this career path…
Stuff like this makes you THINK! Think about what you are thinking about and know there is help for people whose brains are stuck in patterns that don’t work! It’s about a decrease in brain activity, which has been demonstrated on fMRI. Remember my background is in medical imaging, hence, I think about these things. Now, instead of scanning body parts and giving bad news, I show you how to tune up brain activity…so you can think better and feel better! The point is that thoughts lead you in a direction…positive or negative…mental and physical. And it all starts in different parts of your brain, running at different frequencies and just like with muscles, we can train it to be stronger. Through neurofeedback or “EEG Biofeedback” we show you where your brain is at (like looking in a mirror) and where it needs to go to do better. It’s really that simple, and without the side effects of medication. How many people do you know who take meds and STILL don’t feel better? 
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There is hope, folks…through training, lifestyle change, supplementation, and proper nutrition, there is hope and here is some research to prove it!
Stay tuned… next we will take a look at how FOOD affects your moods…
Think healthy, eat healthy, and stay well!

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