In my last post, I promised to let you in on my secret brain tool…this is it!
Do you wish you had a secret tool, like for when your brain is foggy and you need to think better? 
Or how about when your brain is going a hundred miles per hour thinking about all kinds of stuff when what you really need to do is get to sleep and stay asleep all night? 
     Imagine THIS…
A pair of glasses (there are four to choose from, actually) that flashes lights in a pattern that mimics healthy brain activity. Really! Your brain just follows the light and within a minute or two you experience a Zen-like state of mental clarity, effortlessly! 
Sounds crazy, eh? I didn’t believe it either until someone in a workshop put them on my head while I was BLINDFOLDED. I could FEEL the shift and even saw it for myself as my EEG was being recorded!  
I want to share this experience with you!
This is your invitation to come in for a
p.ROSHI “Neurodynamic Activator”
It’s the latest addition to our Edge NeuroFitness program…
Come in and see for yourself through the p.ROSHI Glasses how we can show your mind healthy brain waves and let it follow along, guiding you to a calm, focused state within minutes! 
“See the light!”
My daughter wears them during homework and says she can
finish in HALF THE TIME with increased focus and concentration!
Like a GPS for the brain, let the P.Roshi direct you to the meditative state of a Zen guru effortlessly!
p.ROSHI     GG Missy Pyle
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Stay tuned! Coming up next: p.ROSHI is not just for people...find out how it is helping pets!