Good news! Announcing our new location of Edge Neuro Fitness in Las Vegas! Recently, I was contacted by a licensed psychologist who wants to add neurofeedback to his practice…as I was pursuing opportunities in the Las Vegas area. If you have ever worked with me personally, you know I am big on goal setting, positive affirmations, and pursuing your dreams.

So here we go: launching a new location, planning to go back to school to work on graduate level degree, and will collaborate with our new staff psychologist Dr. Don Posson on a book to compile all those way cool homework assignments I hand out to you all. Imagine…a textbook on Brain Fitness, woohoo! It all begins with a thought, an idea, a vision.

Here’s a bio from Dr. Posson for introduction. Welcome aboard, Dr. Don and thanks for the opportunity to join you as we learn and grow Edge NeuroFitness!
Dr. Don Posson


“I am privileged to have come to understand addictions, mental health and recovery from multiple perspective.  First, there is my own healing journey, which began over two decades ago.  Professionally, I’ve been in this field since 1997, where I was the program manager of a U.S. Navy substance abuse clinic in Sicily, Italy.  Since 2002 I have been in private practice in this field, and teaching addictions at the higher education level.  My Integrative Holistic Recovery Counseling approach is based on everything I have learned through my professional studies, and through the many teachers I have had in recovery, spiritual, and personal growth experiences.

My work in the addictions and recovery field is divided into three parts.  I am the lead faculty for National University’s Alcohol and Drug Counseling program, teaching future addictions counselors from around the world.  I also provide private integrative holistic recovery counseling as The LV Addictions Dr.   Thirdly, I have been Building a Vision:  Retreat, Respite, Re-Create.

For the past three years I have been re-building a home in Mt. Charleston, Nevada.  My work in this field supports this rebuilding project, which will provide a home for Retreat, Respite, Re-Create, a retreat center and residence dedicated to the spiritual healing of addictions in individuals and families.

If you, or someone you care about is suffering from emotional pain, I can be a guide through a healing process that addresses the underlying causes of emotional pain experienced in addiction and in the surrounding relationships.  The integrative holistic recovery approach promotes healing from stress and anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and loneliness, loss and grief, conflict or distance in relationship, issues of identity, and addiction?  Please know that I can help on the healing journey.  I offer a compassionate form of counseling that nurtures innate strengths rather than concentrating on weaknesses and failures.  Every individual that I’ve worked with has seen a positive shift in the quality of their life and has experienced a lessening of their pain. When I work with a client, I share from my own experience, aware that the only difference between us is where we locate ourselves, right now, along the spectrum of healing.

Individuals and family members can choose to work with me individually or in a Study Group where we review the masterful teachings of Paul Ferrini, my primary teacher and mentor.  I’m working with clients in-person, via Skype (anywhere in the world) and over the phone, making my counseling easily available and accessible. My clients experience emotional empathy, an absence of any judgement and a feeling of love and worthiness.

During the many years that I have been in this field, I have been richly rewarded by watching those I’ve worked with experience the transformative power of healing in their addictive and self-defeating thinking and behavior, mend their relationships with self and others, and live a happy, joyous, and free life.”

~Don Posson, Ph.D, LADC

How cool is that? Now we have a licensed psychologist to cover the stuff beyond my scope and I will have the time and resources to learn more!

I will continue to see clients in Lake Havasu City by appointment as my time will be shared between the two locations.  Keep in mind we also have Christian Choissel in the San Diego area and Jayne Rutledge in Santa Clarita/Canyon Country for those of you in Southern California who need a tune-up, and Dr. Marina Chirco in London. Click here to meet our affiliates.

For more information about Neurofeedback in Las Vegas visit https://www.edgeneurofitness.com