“Hi my name is John D, I am one who is/was “stuck” on many things, I am enrolled in Dr. Amen’s treatment plan, have been less than a month. I have tried many things in my life to help “me” with no success, Becky my adviser showed me through her knowledge of Dr. Amen’s treatment and recovery plan I could get my life back. She was able to tailor a plan for my brain. I want too be honest Becky was more excited than I was at first to get me “unstuck”. Try and picture an album skipping and just repeating itself, same line from the same song, over and over, that was me. There is a whole album in our lives! and many more too. Life is HUGE! You can get “unstuck” for me it’s about the truth, it will set you free. I now have hope, I have seen it is possible, be warned it is important to follow every step, this will change your life like it’s changing mine. Thank you Becky Bassham and Dr. Amen.”

Sincerely, John D.

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