Is this YOU?                            THIS COULD BE YOU!
  stressed guy           Becky and Chuck
Looking for some peace of mind for the holidays?
Looking for that perfect gift for your family or special someone?
Did you know that wearing a high tech pair of LED light emitting glasses can navigate your brain toward focus, clarity, relaxation, stability and even a good night of sleep?
Well guess what? Chuck Davis, inventor and scientist extraordinaire has come up with a HOLIDAY SPECIAL on his p.ROSHI glasses….
Never before has he offered this device at a discounted price,
but for a limited time he’s given me the green light to sell them at an unheard-of price I dare not even publish!
This is an awesome opportunity to invest in your brain health!
Want to give it a test drive or just chill out for a time? Call to schedule a session!
The Dis-Entrainment through Photostimulation.
Don’t be fooled by “imposter” entrainment glasses…this is the real deal!
By sending specially calibrated flickering light through the eyes and into the brain, 
ROSHI In-Sight Glasses help “DisEntrain” the mind…
       freeing it from unhealthy cyclical patterns.
The brain attains a meditative “normalized” state in which it becomes totally at rest… 
yet attentive at the same time-similar to the brain of a Zen Master! This helps put you “In the Zone”-whether you are an Athlete, Businessperson, Doctor, Student, Bricklayer or simply a human being trying to cope with the pains and stresses of life, 
or those who stress us, LOL!
Roshi training may allow a person to improve the brain’s ability to self-regulate.
Research indicates this training rebalances the brain by breaking unhealthy patterns of brain wave activity and by helping the brain to establish a healthy rhythm.
Once free of unhealthy patterns, the brain is able to rebalance itself and an individual may experience many improvements in their lives including:
  • Better sleep
  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Decreased impulsivity
  • Decreased mental chatter
  • Decreased moodiness or anger
  • Improved memory, reduced anxiety
  • Increased overall feeling of well-being!
This is like a GPS for the brain, folks, and can be used by the whole family, shared with friends, and even help our pets!
Hobie p.ROSHI  Tiger vs ROSHI    
Call or reply today for special limited-time only holiday pricing…
just ask for the “BRAIN SPA” package!
Think healthy, eat healthy, and stay well!