This is a testimonial from a client of Becky Bassham.

“In December 2010 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia with severe pains in my muscles, headaches, and insomnia. My doctor prescribed pain medication and sleeping pills for my fibromyalgia.

After looking for alternative treatment I had friends recommend Neurofeedback. My first experience with Neurofeedback was surprisingly very positive. Subtle changes started becoming apparent after the first session. I slept well that night and had more energy the next morning. After a few more sessions all of my muscle pain was gone and I had better concentration.

After about twenty sessions all of my symptoms were gone. That was over a year ago and today I am still Fibromyalgia free.”

For more information about Neurofeedback from Edge Neuro Fitness and how it can help Fibromyalgia visit https://www.edgeneurofitness.com