Many of you may be trying to find the perfect Valentine gift for your loved one this weekend. Of course there’s an abundance of chocolates, candy and flowers to choose from, but not everybody feels loved by these gifts. What is so lovely about a big sugar rush or a bunch of chocolate for the person trying to get in shape for summer? Do you know anyone who enjoys cleaning up dead flowers? Sorry…just sayin’. I’m weird like that. Please don’t give up on me!

Not to squash flowers and chocolates, but let’s explore some other ways to express love, that may bring on a big smile and heart feeling loved, isn’t that the goal? Maybe someone needs a little help with gift ideas…

Now first, keep in mind that not everyone is thrilled with a gift, regardless of the thought or investment put into its selection, don’t take it personal! In fact, according to Gary Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages there are actually five ways that people express and receive love:


Words of Affirmation

  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch


For more information and to take the online quiz, you can visit the Love Languages website. For a downloadable form and description of the love languages, click here.

This should help give you a clue in finding just the right gift, for any occasion, or just to express your love any time.

Here’s a fun idea, even for kids:
Trace your hands on a piece of paper. Cut the tracing out. Even decorating is an option. On the palm of hand, write “I will do this for you because I love you” or “I love you because…” On each finger, write out a nice thought or an act of service you promise to do for the recipient. Be creative!

Don’t forget we can always give the gift of gratitude. Sharing thoughts of thanks and gratitude along with any gift will certainly evoke positive emotion (for the giver, too!) Be sure to write a little something on the card right before the “Love, _______” part, it means a lot!

To be healthy and enjoy a Valentine treat or two, some nutritious foods of love: strawberries, dark chocolate, seafood, carrots, pineapple, and almonds.

Another way to get in the mood for love, believe it or not is to EXERCISE! According to Discovery Health, the aphrodisiac qualities of exercise are associated with the endorphins that are released in the brain with vigorous activity — like the runner’s high.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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