Attention describes the ability of the mind to concentrate on something; awareness, close observation, or listening. It is the cognitive process of paying attention to one aspect of the environment while ignoring others (i.e. tuning out distractions!). It is the ability to focus selectively and sustain on a certain subject; the ability to concentrate.


Simply stated, attention deficit disorder is a condition characterized by difficulty attending or focusing on a specific task. It is often associated with distraction, impulsivity, lack of organization, short attention span, and poor follow-through. To check out some research click here:


ADHD includes ADD with a hyperactive component.

There are three primary subgroups which may be combined:

  • Lack of attention
  • Hyperactive
  • Impulsive behavior

ADHD is more complicated, here is a synopsis of symptoms and diagnoses from the CDC:


Focus involves having clear vision, clarity, or center of interest. Focus describes a state of close or narrow attention, concentration, and/or clear perception.