Here’s a little tip from me, Becky Bassham, NeuroFitness Coach, methods I have found to help me study or help others study/learn new things:

For the visual learner: Prepare flashcards and visual aids

For the auditory learner: Repeat facts out loud or read study notes, text to yourself or to anyone willing to listen! I have a friend who brings his therapy dog into schools so children to read to him!

For the kinesthetic learner: Try studying or reciting facts/flashcards while doing jumping jacks (great for kids and countting, ABC’s), marching, walking, or riding an exercise bike.

When I was a kid, I used to study vocab words while riding and reading them to my horse! A little of all three, perhaps I’m a slow learner? Now my favorite method is flash cards and reading on the exercise bike, it’s safer!

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