It’s not too late to give gratitude for the holidays!

I challenge you to “SAY IT FORWARD”

That’s right, if you have read the my last couple of posts, or even checked out the screen shots, you know all of the positive effects of expressing gratitude and how Neurofeedback can help.

Ok, here’s a little recap…

Less anxiety
Relief from depression
Insomnia decreased

edge-neuro-fitness-gratitude-project-neurofeedback   edge-neuro-fitness-gratitude-project-neurofeedback

Negative ruminating                    Grateful/positive thinking

The images above demonstrate what grateful vs. negative thinking does TO YOUR BRAIN! So I challenged everyone to participate in THE GRATITUDE PROJECT.

Just CLICK HERE (I dare you) to find out what that is…

Did anyone do it? I enjoyed hearing from many of you who replied with ideas, gratitude, and even greetings:) It makes my heart sing to know someone cares enough to respond and/or share my emails! Here’s one idea that came in from Sherri D., I loved it! She decided to copy the Gratitude Project (I edited it down for her), place it inside gratitude JOURNALS to encourage people to write about gratitude, and give them away for Christmas gifts. Way to go, Sherri! I suggested it might even be cool to write ten appreciative thoughts about the recipient on the first page of the journal. Ah…that would take TIME. Time is priceless, eh? So are words of appreciation…in writing. How old school is that?

Here’s another way to SAY IT FORWARD…

You can go on Facebook and “Like” The Gratitude Project page, then post a thankful grateful thought on it, words of appreciation for someone special, or a thank you to someone who did something you are grateful for. Easy! It’s FREE! And PRICELESS!

Just SAY IT FORWARD and imagine what your brain will do and how other people will feel when they read it. Thank you!

This is the gratitude box I made for my husband Ty. Really, here it is, just don’t want you to think I make this stuff up. Well I do, but it really happened, I’m full of it, LOL! In the other photo is a little memory book my friend Cathy G. made for me last summer, so sweet.

Edge-neuro-fitness-gratitude-project-thank-you-1   Edge-neuro-fitness-gratitude-project-thank-you-2

Both of these are great examples of sharing positive thoughts and memories. In this day and age, in today’s economy, I believe we need more of this stuff. Just sayin’…

Think healthy, eat healthy, and stay well!
Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season,
Many Blessings,

Becky Bassham

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