The diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has risen. Combination of behavioral therapy with prescription medication seems to be an effective treatment for ADHD. However, there are also several alternative therapies that are also considered effective. Continue reading for natural alternatives to treating ADHD symptoms.

Exercise: This can improve ADHD symptoms. It can help children release energy in a healthy way. Engaging in sports or even going to the park after school can help a child release excess energy from sitting in school all day and it is a constructive healthy way to release energy.

Routine: Setting a routine is important in order to establish structure and regularity. Set a time to do homework, exercise, eat, etc. Routine can help counter chaos in an ADHD world.

Relaxation:When a child is overstimulated, try implementing relaxation techniques. You and your child can lie down on the floor face up and imagine you are melting away in the sun and your breath is like waves. This will get your child to relax from an overstimulated state to a restorative state.

This information is from psychcentral.com written by Helen Nieves

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