14 Warning Signs Your Brain Is In Trouble and What You Can Do to Eliminate Them

Your brain will tell you it is in trouble, if you are listening. Based on strong scientific evidence, here are the 14 warning signs your brain is in trouble:

1. Memory worse than it was 10 years ago2. Low energy

3. Low mood

4. Irritability

5. Anxiety, stress, worry

6. Short attention span

7. Brain fog

8. Impulsive, bad decisions9. Insomnia

10. High blood pressure

11. High blood sugar

12. Weight issues

13. Sexual dysfunction

14. Can’t do the right things to stay healthy

This information was written by Daniel G. Amen, MD

Becky Bassham of Edge Neuro Fitness in Lake Havasu City has trained with Dr. Amen. Find out more about Neurofeedback at https://www.edgeneurofitness.com