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Today I’m adding my “two cents”…

Have you ever bumped your head?
Have you ever fallen on your head?
Has anything ever fallen on your head?
Have you been in an accident, hit your forehead on something, or played contact sports?  

Click here for a questionnaire to consider if you have any doubts. It also includes some physical and emotional symptoms associated with past head injuries.

Now this is the take home…
According to a study by the CDC, about 80% of all head injuries are labeled as mild to moderate (mild traumatic brain injury, or MTBI), requiring no medical intervention and show no abnormalities on x-rays, CT, or MRI. 80.7% were emergency room visits and the remainder were unseen by medical professionals.
According to another 30 year study in the Journal of Neuroscience, there are correlations between these mild brain injuries and psychological behavior. 
48.3% of all past mild to moderate head traumas result in axis 1 psychological diagnoses!
Ever heard anyone say,

“Oh, the problem is ALL IN YOUR HEAD?” 

According to the CDC, more than 1.7 million people experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year in the United States. Up to 7 million people are walking around with significant head trauma AND THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!

These injuries may cause long-term or permanent impairments and disabilities. Many people with MTBI have difficulty returning to routine, daily activities and may be unable to return to work for many weeks or months. In addition to the human toll of these injuries, MTBI costs the nation nearly $17 billion each year.

     A brain injury can happen…

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So maybe you or a loved one have had a head injury, or are having some troubles with anxiety, moods, thoughts, memory or paying attention. These things have their roots in brain function!

Indeed, it all starts in YOUR HEAD!

But how would you know if you don’t look?

Some people throw chemicals at the brain, some go to counselors and therapists to get a load off their minds, some go to coaches and trainers to push them around…

But we can show you what your brain is DOING!


We, at Edge NeuroFitness now have the technology to map out your brain function with QEEG or Quantitative EEG. We can actually hook you up to our computer and collect data…not read your mind, but actually measure what is going on in your head that may or may not be correlating with what’s going on with you mentally, physically, and/or emotionally. Once we have that information we can show you pictures like this and even let you see your brain in 3D live action. 

  Map 3D head

And when you can see what your brain is doing, our EEG Biofeedback equipment can help your brain navigate its way to self-regulation. In other words, “We hook you up and let your brain work it out!” We also create a wellness program just for you to support your brain health.

How would you like to feel better, think better, sleep better, work, remember, and even perform better with no medication or side-effects?

We encourage all of our readers to take action and spread the word about brain health.

Here are a few things you can do:


Here is a CDC website link with more tips on how you can give brain injury a VOICE and IMPORTANT INFORMATION all about brain injuries.

Join us to help raise awareness! Find out more about brain injuries and what you can do at today.

We, at Edge NeuroFitness are helping people with brain injuries as well. The brain has billions of neural pathways of communication and with EEG Biofeedback we allow the brain to see itself in action to help regulate and stabilize these functions just by watching a feedback screen.

And if that’s not enough, click here for the latest research!

If you or a loved one has had a brain injury, even long ago, and would like more information on how we may be able to help you:

Please give me a call at 928-486-5414

or toll free at 866-380-4547 to make an appointment to for a free assessment! 

Think healthy, eat healthy, and stay well!
Many Blessings,

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