Periodically an individual might experience secondary psychiatric disorders, such as depression or isolating behaviors, PTSD like symptoms, ADHD ADD like symptoms to mention a few.  Treatment interventions are plenty, ranging from traditional techniques, for example like meds combined with sessions of CBT(cognitive behavioral therapy), humanistic existential psychotherapy, and all the way to more technologically advanced psycho therapy, like TMS( transcranial magnetic stimulation), photic stimulation, Neurofeedback and many more. In my opinion by far the most effective approach for post TBI symptoms is a combination of CBT and Neurofeedback therapy working side by side. The results can be substantial.

Intern of Becky Bassham Asaad Sultan,
2nd yr neuroscience major at HFCC
Researched multiple Neurofeedback systems, currently working with 19channel zscore training and its efficacy throughout various psychological disorders

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