Let me briefly mention couple psychological disorders that are very common in the US, PTSD for example effects approx 8% of Americans according to http://www.ptsdunited.org/ptsd-statistics-2/ and sufferers experience a wide range of symptoms(chronic anxiety, insomnia, depression, various phobias, and so on) also ADD ADHD is a common one too effecting approx 14% of Americans mixed between all age groups. A wide spectrum of therapies have been implemented, so far the most effective is a dynamic neurotherapy approach in which the whole brain is assessed through quantitative electroencephalograph(QEEG) and regions of interest are treated accordingly.
Also psychiatrictimes.com has a very interesting article on excessive sleep after a TBI.

Intern of Becky Bassham Asaad Sultan,
2nd yr neuroscience major at HFCC
Researched multiple Neurofeedback systems, currently working with 19channel zscore training and its efficacy throught out various psychological disorders

For more information on ADD ADHD visit https://www.edgeneurofitness.com/add-adhd/