This is from a brain map of a client who struggled with memory, brain fog, attention and decision-making. The first image is a 3D rendition, the second is what is going on at the surface level, the third is a spectral analysis. These images tell us what is going on re: brain function that correlates with symptoms…basically, the neurophysiological underpinnings of the person’s symptoms. Now we can target a brain training regimen to teach the brain what it needs to do!

The image above is of the 19 channel (full head) neurofeedback training, whereby the client is receiving auditory and visual feedback reward for making less slow, inefficient brain waves in the part of the brain responsible for paying attention!

The brain is designed to perceive and interpret the world around us. The brain is always seeing information, patterns, and feedback. In this case, game performance is based on brain wave performance as described. There is no remote control. The game is controlled by the brain waves…by brain waves operating within a threshold of improved performance.

If your brain works better, YOU work better, perform better, remember better, think,, feel, work, learn, sleep, even love better! This is personal training for the BRAIN!!!

How does this work? A client simply sits in a comfortable chair and pays attention to the screen. The brain does the rest automatically as it seeks the sound and learns to play the game. This can also be done by watching a movie in which brain wave feedback is given in the form of brightness and/or picture control of the movie as a client watches it.

It is all computed with state-of-the-art high tech EEG recording/monitoring equipment, rendered from the brain wave data as it occurs live in session…

it looks like this:

Rebecca Bassham, BS, RT, BCN, QEEG-T