Neurofeedback: Personal Training for Your Brain


Neurofeedback is a gentle procedure that captures images of the brain. It allows us to identify the underlying brain patterns associated with our clients’ issues and as a result, establish healthy brain function. It is totally natural, pain free and drug free.

It has been proven highly effective for:
ADD ADHD, Anxiety symptoms, Insomnia symptoms and PTSD symptoms.

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Are you so stressed out you can’t even think straight? Is it hard for you to relax and enjoy life with peace of mind? Neurofeedback can help!
Change your life, your attitude, your mood
How would you like to be able to keep track of things and get through a hectic day focused with clarity and peace of mind?

“The sessions I have experienced have changed my life, my attitude, my mood, and my perceptions of reality from pain to calm, to pleasure – everything ‘feels’ to have been tremendously IMPROVED, HEALED, and ENHANCED. No negative side-effects!” – B.W.

“Neurofeedback significantly improved quality and duration of my sleep. It has helped me focus at my work and reduced my stress level.” – D.P.

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Does your child struggle with ADD/ADHD, behavior problems, or poor grades? Have you had one too many calls or bad notes from your child’s teacher?
Change your child's future with neurofeedback
How would you like to know that your child can go to school every day able to pay attention and get good grades without anxiety or getting in trouble?

NeuroFitness has changed my children’s lives. They get better grades, are more focused and more confident! Thanks!” – M.S.

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Are you having trouble getting or staying asleep at night, struggling with insomnia symptoms because stress, anxiety and a busy mind keep you awake?
Change your sleep with neurofeedback
How would you like to be able to sleep through the night and wake up rested, energized, and ready to start your day?

“In December 2010 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia with severe pains in my muscles, headaches, and insomnia. My doctor prescribed pain medication and sleeping pills. After looking for alternative treatment I had friends recommend Neurofeedback. Subtle changes started becoming apparent after the first session. I slept well that night and had more energy the next morning. After a few more sessions all of my muscle pain was gone and I had better concentration. After about twenty sessions all of my symptoms were gone. That was over a year ago and today I am still Fibromyalgia free.” – R.H.

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What is QEEG?

QEEG is an FDA approved, evidence-based diagnostic tool that measures the speed and processing of brain function. Much like a road map, Brain Maps show us not only what brain systems are out of balance but also where the imbalances are located. Only by using objective measures can the brain’s processing and cognitive abilities be determined. We do not know of any other science-based method that uses real number and NIH funded databases that can determine the speed of processing and function of the brain. QEEG allow us to determine what type of program an individual should undertake to correct brain based imbalances. QEEG measures brainwave activity. To learn more about brainwaves and what they mean click here.


You don’t have to suffer from an anxiety attack, insomnia, PTSD symptoms, or attention issues!
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