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Dr. Amen a Leader in Neurofeedback

Dr. Amen is a leader in Neurofeedback training "Food is a powerful drug. You can use it to help mood & cognitive ability or make things worse" ~ Dr. Daniel Amen For more information about Neurofeedback from Becky Bassham, in Lake Havasu, who follows the work of Dr....

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Adulthood ADHD May Continue From Childhood

"Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a developmental disorder marked by inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity and is one of the most common behavioural disorders in children. It is widely believed that adult ADHD is the continuation of the disorder...

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Biofeedback As An Aid

"Biofeedback is not common, and that's a shame," agrees Carol Austad, PhD, a psychologist at Central Connecticut State University. "As an adjunctive aid to psychotherapy, it's fantastic," she adds. "The patient feels as though they have control over their own bodily...

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Exercise Helps Prevent Depression and Stress

Studies have shown that exercise is about as effective as antidepressant meds. Without the side-effects. "Increasingly, physical activity is being recognized as an effective tool for treating and preventing depression." References: ~ Christopher Bergland - The...

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QEEG Brain Mapping Shows Brain Function

At Edge NeuroFitness, we can actually show you how your brain is working, in live 3D action, QEEG brain map pre and post program changes with measurable data. And how would you know if you don't LOOK? For more information about QEEG Brain Mapping from Edge...

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Brain Fitness And How Organ Meats Relate

Remember the days your mom would try to get you to eat liver and onion, and all you could do was simply turn your head? Your mom was on to something, and you may not have even known it. It turns out that organ meats, like liver, are an excellent source of high-quality...

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Biofeedback Can Help With Brain Function

Sometimes Routine Puts your Brain Function at Risk It is very common for folks who have daily routines that they do not sway from to develop Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is crucial for proper brain function to switch up from the routine, and try new things. While you...

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Maintaining Brain Function with Neurofeedback

  Stay Sharp by Spicing up your Daily Activities Properly maintaining brain function can drastically improve your overall life. Sometimes, the phrase “increase brain function” can seem overwhelming. If you are about to take the dive into aiding cognitive function, you...

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Diet energy drinks and brain fitness

The energy drink industry has millions of people convinced that by chugging one of their diet drinks (with Aspartame) you get that boost you’re seeking plus keep weight gain to a minimum. Did you know that Aspartame is an excitatory neurotoxin? That means it’s toxic...

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Neurofeedback in Las Vegas for ADD ADHD

#Neurofeedback #ADHD When neurotransmitters don’t work the way they are supposed to, brain systems function inefficiently. Problems result. With AD/HD, these are manifested to the world as inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and related behaviors. For more...

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Neurofeedback Helps with ADD ADHD

    I just got this testimonial from a mom. After only 3 sessions!!! "I have seen a difference in Garrett after training sessions. For example, he is calmer and able to stand more stress from others. The wick is a lot longer. Also he is able to focus and concentrate...

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Neurofeedback: Personal Training for Your Brain

Neurofeedback is a gentle procedure that captures images of the brain. It allows us to identify the underlying brain patterns associated with our clients’ issues and as a result, establish healthy brain function. It is totally natural, pain free and drug free. It has...

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